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I use Lafourchette.com, but on my PC. No iPhone app yet. The main advantage on this web site is the access to great discounts and the easy reservation process.


I tested itaste (www.itaste.com). They have an iPhone application which is not yet perfect, but the idea is to find a restaurant according to the taste of your friends.


Aroundme is ok for an ATM or a pharmacy or a gas station, because you want to find the nearest place. But for a restaurant or a bar, it is not very useful: there are no comments, no ranking, no categories...


Yelp is impressive ! I like it.

But for each restaurant, you have to summarize at least 50 comments of 50 lines each, so at least 2 hours of work !

jim brady

Have you thought of Earthcomber? It lets you pick a cuisine type, and then displays all matching locations starting from where you're standing. It pulls in from all kinds of sources, so it's like getting multiple apps going
you don't have type in a thing, and it uses your gps.
Aside from itital startup, it,s normally 6 secons or less to get the results. *nd they're all reformatted to the mobile screen, easy to flp through fast

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