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Hi Jazz FM!Listening to you loud and clear here in Seville, Espaf1a. I came across your stioatn, by chance, a few months ago while on a beach break here in Andalucia. Now, while I prep English classes in the morning or unwind after classes (From Monday Thursday) at around 9 pm or simply chilling out at home (like now), I put on Jazz FM. Thanks for the cool music! Youb4re educating me to a new genre of music. Even at 46 years, one can still learn! So much for the rock, eh! Sle1inte and take care from Seville Johnny B Good.P.S. I know he was known as a rocker, but do you ever play Rory Gallagher? He was a genius from my hometown of Cork. He left us in 1995 too early! Anyway, this guy did some serious blues and some jazz. if you can, put on Jackknife-Beat .

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