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I've only had the PhantomALERT database a few hours, but dmeertined that it has two features: 1. It knows all of the speed camera and light camera locations in my small burg, even though two of them are still in test/warning mode. 2. It works in tracking mode in addition to navigation mode. In other words just turn it on and it will pick up the locations as you come to them even though you don't enter a final destination first. A problem appears to be that my GPS (Garmin 265W) can't hold data for more than about five states. I haven't investigated this limitation, yet, but I think this may be a generic warning for older GPSs. The only data base I know about with virtually unlimited capacity is designed as a transparent map overlay instead of proximity points , but doesn't have enough U.S. data to be of interest (pocketgpsworld). The solution to the above problem, I think, is to buy the $99 lifetime update and simply load different states when you take a trip. They warn that the unlimited updates may just be promotional, but you can save data bases of different states on your PC under different names now (I think untested by me so far) just in case.

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