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BLAZUN Georges

(Google translation)

The question to effectively conduct the spatial ramp:

Why SEARCH SPACIAL does not change mode for launching shuttles paciales instead of wasting tons of propellant??

The same question for small children who would change the mode of launch??
Whose fault??

George BLAZUN by his status is in INVENTOR DESIGNER-RESEARCH invention in all fields of technology, proposes to effectively conduct all ramps a new mode of space shuttle launches, new fashion propellant is (100%) one hundred times less expensive compared the old ramps 60 and polluting, while the new launch mode is one hundred percent (100%) green.

I suggest the top leaders remember a philosophical quote, analyzing word for word: "THE DAY THE SCIENCE begun to address PHENOMENA NOT PHYSICAL, IT WILL BE MORE THAN A DECADE OF PROGRESS IN THAT IN ALL THE AGES OF ITS EXISTENCE" .

Unquestionably, scientific research by citation is lost, leading his microscope on-PHYSICAL PHENOMENA, other solutions are completely excluded, space-time of several centuries, while RESEARCH invention made its concept in real time, SCIENTIFIC the solution unattainable.

For this project I asked NASA no financial COMPESA except to keep the paternity inventive, I need one month to build up a model to be operational.

With the new method of launching satellites, more limited weight or volume

If you have questions, do not hesitate to georgesblazun@gmail.com
I send you my friendly greetings George Blazun

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